Group Fitness


Group Fitness sessions are for a small groups of individuals looking for personal trainer experience but motiation of others in a team setting. Group Fitness sessions are life changing and designed specifically for men & women of all types. If you are an athlete, father, husband with a 9 to 5 or just want to be in better shape, there is a level of fitness designed for you.


Every session we grow further spiritually, physically, and mentally. These sessions are a combination of sarcoplasmic (High Reps) lean muscle building, anaerobic (Sprints) and aerobic (Jumpin Jacks) activities that are totally optimistic. Trainees come in everyday surprised with new exercises and challenging obstacles, Cross Fit, Yoga, Pilates, Speed Training, HIIT etc.

The element of surprise daily allows each individual to grow rapidly to maximum potential and eventually beyond to unseen heights. These sessions build lean muscle, burn fat, enhance strength, increase flexibility and condition various muscles. Trainees can never adjust to what they don't know. If you want something better you have do something different!!!

Basic Training

Video Gallery: Explore Our Fitness - Not sure if HHT Fitness is the right choice for you? Now you can explore our facilities by way of the photo gallery & youtube below! You will find that HHT Fitness offers all the amenities you would expect from a large franchise, but with a friendly neighborhood feel to it. See for yourself!!!! HHT Fitness "we gettin better over here"



Fittness Center

6159 Edmondson Ave.
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Thanks to all our members for your continued support and commitment to your health & well being.

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